Custom Personalized Vector Realistic Family Pet Anniversary Gift Painting

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A personalized and customized vectory, more detailed portrait of you and your loved ones, including the pets! These portraits are a perfect way to take your family to your work, to brighten up your home or as a gift for anyone special. If your family never had a family photo with everyone in it, its your perfect way to make up for it! 



• 100% custom and handdrawn digitally

• One Portrait with your Family and Pets

• Get it as hard copy or as digital file

• Choose your desired border

• Size varies from 13x18cm to 29x42 cm

• Hard Copy: You will receive a hard copy of your portrait via mail and also the digital version via email. They are pinted on Premium Glossy Photopaper. No frames included.

• Digital File: You will receive the digital file sent to your email in high quality.

 × Note: Both people and pets count as figures. ×


• Choose the size, number of figures, border style and upload your photos.

• Make sure to upload high quality photos, where the faces can be seen well. Upload at least 2 photos of everyone, indivudal photos work perfectly too.

• Our talented artists will do the rest for you!

• Before shipping out the final piece to you we will ask you to approve the portrait.



• Choose your favoured wreath style for your portrait and write the number of it in " Border/Wreath style".



• Revisions & changes are available.


• No refunds & returns are accepted since these product is 100% customized based on your details.

Shipping & Delivery